Roman’s N Care is the full-service beauty salon that gives: Service out of this world! We pride ourselves on offering the best beauty product line, DUDLEY’S Quality Products. Wholesale and retail available to licensed hair stylist and beauty salon owners. Stop settling for hype and empty boast.

Located in North York, On for the past 15 yrs., Roman’s N Care has been a leading member of North York for just as long.

At Roman’s N Care you are the QUEEN. Receive the treatment and attention you deserve. Our Dudley beauty product line is the standard within the beauty product industry.

We are a hair & beauty salon that specializes in a wide range of your hair and scalps needs! Our team of professional & experienced stylists offer full head weaves, extensions, single braids, twists, coloring, highlights, cuts & styles, relaxer, texturizer, interlock, hair treatments & so much more. Not to mention our variety of beautiful wedding up-dos.

All of our beauty services are done with care and we use only top quality products, leaving our clients with a positively noticeable & healthy hair style. Come in for any of our hair services and on your 1st visit we will throw in a FREE DRC-28 hair treatment!

Roman Bekele, is the distributor for all Dudley’s Quality Hair Products in Canada. Whether you need salon quality products for your home use or to take to your favorite beauty salon, we are the ones to see! Give us a call, or stop by to see the wonderful treatments, shampoos, leave-in care, hair food etc that we have for maintaining your beautiful new style.

Book your appointment today and find out why everyone wants what we have.

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Senior Stylist

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Roman Bekele

Owner/Senior Stylist/Make-up Artist/Instructor

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Hair Nutrition


Healthy hair doesn’t just happen by luck. Going to the beauty salon and getting a hair treatment alone will never give you healthy hair. If you do not maintain a healthy diet, your salon visits are a waste. Factors such as nutritional deficiencies, smoking and hormonal imbalances contribute to weak hair. The environment can also lead to dull, lifeless hair. Growing strong healthy hair depends on a balanced diet. Our hair is made up of 97% protein. This is why a good diet it is a very important part of a healthy hair plan.


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Stop over processing

How can you tell if you’re over processing your hair? Do you have a routine of getting your hair relaxed every 8-10 weeks, does your hair feel brittle and breaks easily? Has your hair it lost its shine and become difficult to style? Does your hair feel stretchy and breaks when wet? If you can say yes to any of these situations you may have already or be on the brink of over processing your hair. Thinning hair is a sign that there is too much chemical use, you should stop all chemical procedures until you have returned your hair to a healthy state. 

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Before you color your hair, make sure it’s in the best possible condition. If your hair is dry, or if you have a lot of split ends, you’re not going to get an even, natural looking result after coloring. You would be putting the health of your hair at risk by adding chemicals. Do a deep conditioning treatment once a week for several weeks leading up to your coloring, and make sure to get those split ends snipped beforehand. This makes sure that your hair is healthy enough to take on the color.


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The Dudley Brand is a community and business leader founded in 1967 by Dr. Joe L. Dudley Sr. and Dr Eunice M. Dudley. Ursula Dudley Oglesby, their oldest daughter, is President of Dudley Beauty Corp, LLC the company responsible for distributing Dudley’s over 400 professional and retail textured hair care and personal care cosmetics directly to cosmetologists, barbers and beauty schools nationally and internationally. In Partnership With The Professional Cosmetologist, Dudley’s is dedicated to providing exceptional products, educational opportunities and customer service.