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Healthy hair doesn’t just happen by luck. Going to the beauty salon and getting a hair treatment alone will never give you healthy hair. If you do not maintain a healthy diet, your salon visits are a waste. Factors such as nutritional deficiencies, smoking and hormonal imbalances contribute to weak hair. The environment can also […]


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 Hair care tips for colored hair Before you color your hair, make sure it’s in the best possible condition. If your hair is dry, or if you have a lot of split ends, you’re not going to get an even, natural looking result after coloring. You would be putting the health of your hair at […]


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 Identifying if you’re over-processing How can you tell if you’re over processing your hair? Do you have a routine of getting your hair relaxed every 8-10 weeks, does your hair feel brittle and breaks easily? Has your hair it lost its shine and become difficult to style? Does your hair feel stretchy and breaks when […]