Dudley’s Panthenol Hair Conditioner

Packaged in a convenient pre-measured container, Dudley’s Panthenol Hair Conditioner penetrates the cortex, lubricating the inner structure of the hair shaft to reinforce weak areas within.

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Dudley’s Panthenol Hair Conditioner

A leave-in conditioner especially formulated for fine and lifeless hair.  This revitalizing conditioner restores natural properties, oils and moisture stripped during chemical processing.  Special amino acids and proteins enhance the hairs inner structure and texture. Dudley’s Panthenol Hair Conditioner helps mend and prevent brittle ends, promotes hair thickness, flexibility and sheen.


Revitalizes Lifeless Hair

     Dudley’s Panthenol Hair Conditioner contains placenta, more commonly referred to as “Liquid Gold.”  Laboratory test show that the ingredients found in placenta are vital to improving the hair’s texture and strength, resulting in restoration of shine and overall appearance of damaged hair.

Gives Hair a Thicker Appearance

     Dudley’s Panthenol Hair Conditioner penetrates the cortex to lubricate the inner structure of the hair shaft.  This panthenol enriched formula can increase the hair’s volume by as much as 10 percent, which is especially beneficial for clients with thin or gray hair who want fuller and thicker hair.   

Increases Elasticity

     Keratin amino acids penetrate to replace keratin lost through chemical rocessing, improving texture, equalizing porosity, and increasing elasticity.

How to Use

  1. Shampoo the hair.
  2. Towel blot to remove excess water from the hair.
  3. Pour the pre-measured contents onto the hair.
  4. Massage the Panthenol throughout the hair.
  5. Do not rinse. Proceed with styling.


pH Level

     7.0 – 7.5