Dudleys Oil Sheen Conditioner and Lusterizer

Dudley’s Oil Sheen Conditioner & Lusterizer, a conditioning oil in a spray formula, lusterizes the hair, is excellent as a glossifier, and conditions all hair types.

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Dudley’s Oil Sheen Conditioner & Lusterizer

An oil spray that imparts brilliant reflective highlights on the hair.  It’s blended with fine oils that condition and add a high gloss.

Provides All-day Sheen

     Dudley’s Oil Sheen Conditioner & Lusterizer combines a blend of fine, quality oils that resemble the natural sebum on the scalp that lubricates hair and provides an intrinsic shine.  The oils in Oil Sheen leave a shiny, protective surface that reflects a brilliant sheen.

Imparts Luster

     Dudley’s Oil Sheen Conditioner & Lusterizer has fine oil droplets that glaze the surface of the hair shaft, glossifying the cuticle layer.  This oil moisturizes dryness along the hair shaft to improve hair texture and impart a luster.

Shampoos Out Easily

    Dudley’s Oil Sheen Conditioner & Lusterizer is easily shampooed out of the hair with your favorite Dudley shampoo.

How to Use

  1. Shake well.
  2. Hold the can upright, about 12 inches from head.
  3. Press valve down, misting the hair sparingly with short, even burst.     


  1. Intentional misuse by deliberately inhaling the contents can be harmful or fatal.
  2. Flammable-Keep away from fire or flames.
  3. Do not use while smoking.
  4. Do not puncture or discard the can in an incinerator.
  5. Never store where temperature is 120 degrees or higher.
  6. Do not over spray as it can make the floors slippery.


pH Level

    6.5 – 7.0  

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