Dudleys Sensitive Scalp Crème Relaxer and Liquid Activator

Dudley’s Sensitive Scalp Crème Relaxer and Liquid Activator work in concert to protect hair during chemical alteration yet allows the relaxer to straighten the hair successfully.



Dudley’s Sensitive Scalp Crème Relaxer and Liquid Activator will not work separately.  However, when combined, they create the guanidine hydroxide-based Sensitive Scalp Relaxer that relaxes the hair.

Gentle on Hair

     Dudley’s Liquid Activator, when thoroughly mixed with Dudley’s Sensitive Scalp Creme Relaxer, forms the active relaxer product, guanidine hydroxide.  When the relaxer is applied to the hair, oil and guanidine hydroxide ions are released simultaneously.  The hair shafts swell as the cuticle layers open.  Guanidine Hydroxide molecules penetrate the cuticle layer of the shaft, softening the hair by breaking the disulfide bonds.  Oil molecules lubricate the hair shaft making the relaxer easier to smooth.

How to Use

  1. Pour all of the contents of the Liquid Activator (step 2B) into the Creme

     Relaxer  (step 2A).

  1. Mix contents thoroughly with the enclosed wooden spatula.
  2. Apply a quarter-size amount of Sensitive Scalp Pre-Protect Treatment to the

      entire hair shaft.

  1. Do not over-saturate the hair as that would impede chemical processing.
  2. Separate hair into four equal sections.
  3. Protect hands by wearing gloves.
  4. Apply Dudley’s Vitamin AD&E Hair & Scalp Conditioner to clients hairline,

      Nape and ears.

  1. Set timer for processing:

      15 minutes for hair that is fine, color treated, poor elasticity, or porous.

      20 minutes for hair that is medium texture, average elasticity, or slightly porous.

      25 minutes for hair that is coarse, good elasticity, wiry, or non-porous.

  1. Part hair in 1/4” sections and apply relaxer with a tint brush or rattail comb.

      Apply to most resistant section first.  Continue with the application until all

      desired areas are relaxed.

  1. Gently smooth the sections in the same direction as the relaxer was applied.
  2. When the hair has reached the desired straightness, thoroughly rinse from hair

      and scalp with lukewarm water for 3 – 5 minutes.