Dudleys Creme Press

Dudley’s Creme Press improves hair texture for all hair types.


Dudley’s Creme Press is a light, creamy oil blend, designed to coat and protect the hair from the damaging effects of excessive thermal or blow dryer heat.  It is concentrated with essential moisturizers and can be used as a daily hair dressing.  It will not stain or discolor gray or colored-treated hair.


Imparts a Satiny, Silky Press

Dudley’s Creme Press improves hair  textures-pressed or relaxed, even fine, thin textures, by giving them a satiny, silky look and feel.

Adds Luster

Dudley’s Creme Press smooths the surface of the hair shaft with various fine oils that lubricate and soften.  These rich oils actually condition dry, brittle, coarse hair, imparting natural vibrancy and sheen.

Lubricates & Softens Wraps or Sculptures

Dudley’s Creme Press can transform wraps and sculptures that have just come out from under the hair dryer into soft, lusterized styles

Shields Hair from Heat

This concentrated blend of fine oils soothe and condition rough cuticle scales, especially after blow drying, making the hair easier to curl.

How to Use

  1. Use small amount, depending on length of hair.
  2. Rub between the palms of your hand.
  3. Distribute evenly throughout the hair.

pH Level

     6.0 – 6.5