Dudley’s Styling Foam | styling foam

Dudley’s Styling Foam is a fragrant, easy to use product that dries quickly as it adds body and protects the hair from heat during styling.


Dudley’s Styling Foam creates beautiful body and softness, while cutting drying time.  An appealing fragrance is only the beginning of a wonderful styling experience.  This product dries to a light-to-firm hold and combs out to reveal a soft, bouncy look.  It detangles the hair while improving the manageability of the hair.  It also shields the hair from heat and is excellent for use as a blow drying agent.


Adds Body

Dudley’s Styling Foam is unparalleled in it’s ability to improve body and add bounce to the hair. This product surrounds the hair shaft with light polymers that create movable, toughable hair.

Saves Time

Dudley’s Styling Foam was formulated to meet the demand for a light-to-firm hold styling agent that is capable of reducing drying time.  When compared to setting lotions, Dudley’s Styling Foam can cut drying time by 15% – 35%.

Improves Manageability

Dudley’s Styling Foam releases tangles from the hair, making the hair more manageable and giving you more control.  It’s ingredients enable the hair to move more freely and naturally.

How to Use

  1. Shampoo and condition the hair with your favorite Dudley products.
  2. Towel blot the hair.
  3. Shake bottle well, spray in the palm of hands, and saturate the hair thoroughly with

          Dudley’s Styling Foam.

  1. Comb through the hair for a more even distribution, adjusting amount used depending

          on hair type and style  you want to achieve.

  1. Style as desired.


How to Use for Firmer Hold

  1. Mix 5 parts of Dudley’s Styling Foam to 1 part of Dudley’s Fantastic Body Setting

Lotion (Salon Concentrated Formula 16oz) or mix in portions as needed to achieve the

Desired firmness.


pH Level

     7.0 – 0.5