Dudleys DRC 28

Dudley’s DRC 28 provides immediate results for dry, severely damaged hair.

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Dudley’s DRC 28 (the Rolls Royce of conditioners)

A deep-penetrating, advanced hair treatment fortifier that’s concentrated with ingredients similar to the hair’s own natural protein and amino acids.  This rich formula works from the inside out, nourishing, restoring and repairing severely damaged or weakened hair to a stronger, healthier state.


Revitalizes Over Processed Hair

Dudley’s DRC 28 is a fine molecular blend of proteins, moisturizers and amino acids penetrate the hair shaft.  Once inside, it helps to restore essential elements lost during chemical and heat use by adhering to the damaged parts of the cortex.  These elements create a strong bond of elasticity within the hair shaft, restoring flexibility and strength.  It leaves a fine protein micro-seal around the ha Repairs Damaged Hair

Dudley’s DRC 28 contains natural ingredients like cystine, amino acids, biotin, and keratin, all of which are actually found in the hair.  This potent formula is so concentrated that it only takes 1/2 – 2oz to provide immediate results.  Once in the hair shaft, it actually becomes part of the hair.

Reduces Breakage

Keratin amino acids in Dudley’s DRC 28 penetrate to replace keratin lost through chemical processing, improving texture, equalizing porosity, and increasing elasticity.

How to Use

  1. Shampoo and rinse the hair.
  2. Towel blot to remove excess water.
  3. Fill an applicator bottle with 1/2 – 2oz of DRC 28.
  4. Saturate each strand of hair thoroughly.
  5. Place cotton along the hairline to prevent dripping.
  6. Cover hair with a plastic cap and put client under warm pre-heated dryer for

15 minutes.

  1. Rinse hair thoroughly and repeatedly with lukewarm water and towel blot.
  2. Use a Dudley’s Cream Protein Conditioner to seal in moisture and soften the

hair.  Leave on hair for 3 – 4 minutes.

  1. Rinse with lukewarm water
  2. Towel blot the hair.


pH Level

5.5 – 6.0

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