Dudleys Hair Mask Treatment

Dudley’s Hair Mask Treatment is a spa treatment for the hair & scalp that moisturizes, strengthens, reduces tangles and breakage, improves texture, and enhances sheen.

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A deep, penetrating conditioner that restores moisture to dry, damaged, and over-processed hair.  It strengthens, enhances sheen, and improves the texture of the hair.  Many of the ingredients in Dudley’s Hair Mask Treatment are derived from the ocean.  The ocean covers three fourths of the earth and sustains an abundance of life.  Sixty types of mineral salts and trace elements are essential for the proper life support of these organisms.

Restores Moisture

     Dudley’s Hair Mask Treatment has sea kelp, algae, and other minerals and natural botanicals that pamper your hair with “Nature’s Moisture.”  Algae and sea kelp are able to manufacture up to 100,000 times the actual trace elements found in the ocean.  Trace elements are a natural by-product of the oceans living organisms, and are beneficial to the hair and skin.  Each is a valuable ingredient, but combined they become nature’s potpourri for healthy hair and scalp.  It’s like taking vitamins and mineral supplements that will improve the overall appearance of the hair.  Algae and seaweed both have natural humectants that reduce moisture loss when hair is dry, over-processed and/or color-treated.  The amino acids in seaweed also aid the hair in retaining moisture.

Reduces Breakage

    When hair becomes tangled and a comb is run through it, the result can be breakage of the hair.  The natural conditioners in Dudley’s Hair Mask Treatment allow better combing for wet or dry hair.  It reduces tangles and decreases the stretching of the hair that can cause


Directions for Using

  1. After hair has been shampooed and towel blotted, apply a generous amount

          of Dudley’s Hair Mask Treatment to hair.

  1. Distribute throughout the hair, and pile the hair on top of the head.  Cover hair

          with plastic cap and place client under the under dryer for 10 – 15 minutes.

  1. Rinse hair thoroughly and style as desired.

pH Level

     5.8 – 6.2

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