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Dudley’s Permanent Creme Relaxer

A sodium hydroxide (lye) relaxer that comes in mild, regular and super strengths.  It has two built-in conditioners that protect the hair and scalp from damage during relaxing while enhancing sheen and softness.

Leaves Hair Straight & SilkyDudleys No Base Relaxers

Dudley’s Permanent Creme Relaxer is a sodium hydroxide relaxer that penetrates the cortex layer to soften and swell the hair fibers.  During this process, the natural cystine disulphide bonds that make up the hair structure break and form a new bond.  The new bond, lanthionine, gives the hair strands a straighter form.

Rich Formula

Dudley’s Relaxers have a rich blend of special oils to help counter-balance the effect of sodium hydroxide by protecting the scalp and preventing the hair from breaking.  The unique blend of oil and water in this product makes the relaxer less irritating to the scalp than any other relaxer on the market.


Dudley's SS Relaxer Kit

Dudley’s Sensitive Scalp Crème Relaxer and Liquid Activator will not work separately.  However, when combined, they create the guanidine hydroxide-based Sensitive Scalp Relaxer that relaxes the hair.

Gentle on Hair

Dudley’s Liquid Activator, when thoroughly mixed with Dudley’s Sensitive Scalp Creme Relaxer, forms the active relaxer product, guanidine hydroxide.  When the relaxer is applied to the hair, oil and guanidine hydroxide ions are released simultaneously.  The hair shafts swell as the cuticle layers open.  Guanidine Hydroxide molecules penetrate the cuticle layer of the shaft, softening the hair by breaking the disulfide bonds.  Oil molecules lubricate the hair shaft making the relaxer easier to smooth.



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